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Performing in "Men in Pink"
Portrayed By Lacey Kohl
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Men in Pink"
Last Appearance "My Fair Cupcake"
Gender Female
Residence Antioch
Race Mortal
Also Known As Princess of Antioch
Romances Autolycus
Affiliations The Widow Twanky

Cupcake was a member of The Widow Twanky's dance troupe, the Twanky Tulips. She had a love of sweet foods and animals. When Autolycus was in disguise as Autolyca he learned as much as he could about Cupcake, later using it to his advantage when he tried to woo her (HTLJ "Men in Pink").

Later, in a plot to steal the Sapphire of Antioch, Autolycus disguised Cupcake as a princess. He intended her to be a distraction for Prince Alexandros so he could commit the theft, instead, Cupcake and Alexandros fell in love and she became princess of Antioch (HTLJ "My Fair Cupcake").

In Greek, Cupcake would be something like "Cypelloceic", "Kupellokeik", or possibly "Phlitzaniceic".


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