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Nebula in "Web of Desire"
Portrayed By Gina Torres
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance HTLJ: "Web of Desire"
Last Appearance HTLJ: "Stranger and Stranger"
Gender Female
Residence Greece, Sumeria
Race Human (Mortal)
Romances Iolaus
Affiliations Iolaus, Hercules, Gilgamesh
Other Family Gilgamesh

Nebula was the half-sister of Gilgamesh and princess of Sumeria.


Nebula left her royal house and country because she disagreed with the unfair treatment of women by Sumerians (HTLJ "Faith"). She went on to forge a career as a great pirate captain.

Hercules and Iolaus first encountered Nebula when she and her crew landed on a deserted island in the Charybdian Sea to bury their treasure. The island was in fact inhabited by Arachne who killed all of Nebula's crew before Hercules and Iolaus were able to defeat her (HTLJ "Web of Desire"). 

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Nebula is known for her tattoos. Iolaus recognized the "Eastern Calendar" tattooed on her arm while Hercules noted she had been in prison from a tattoo on her neck. She also has Poseidon's trident tattooed on her upper right arm (HTLJ "Web of Desire").

Poseidon's trident

Nebula's tattoo of Poseidon's Trident


  • Nebula was played by Gina Torres.
  • "Nebula" is derived from the Latin word for "cloud". The term is most often applied to interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Many nebulae are significant star-forming regions. Fittingly, Torres has gone from her Xenaverse roles on to have quite a successful career. 


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