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Nemesis drawing her bow.
Portrayed By Karen Witter
Teresa Hill
Kimberley Joseph
Charmaine Guest
Series YH
First Appearance HTLJ "Pride Comes Before a Brawl"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Full Circle"
Also Known As Goddess of Divine Justice and Retribution
Romances Hercules
Affiliations Titans (formerly)
Father Unnamed Father
Son(s) Evander
Other Family Ares ("husband"/mate/father of Evander)
Discord ("sister-in-law"/aunt of Evander)
Strife ("nephew"/1st cousin of Evander)
Hephaestus ("brother-in-law"/uncle of Evander)
Aphrodite ("sister-in-law"/aunt of Evander)
Cupid ("nephew"/1st cousin of Evander)
Psyche ("neice-in-law"/1st cousin-in-law of Evander)
Bliss ("great-nephew"/1st cousin-once removed of Evander)
Hera ("mother-in-law"/paternal grandmother of Evander)
Zeus ("father-in-law"/paternal grandfather of Evander)
The Destroyer (half-brother of Evander)
Hippolyta (half-sister of Evander)

Nemesis was the Goddess of Divine Justice and Retribution and Hercules' first love. Nemesis was the Executioner for the Olympian Deities, dealing out justice and vengeance on those Mortals who became too proud in their ways or in some way angered the Deities. This job was Nemesis' punishment for her father siding with the Titans when Zeus revolted against them for control of Mount Olympus (YH "Herc's Nemesis").

Hera sent Nemesis to kill Iolaus for the sin of pride. Iolaus was able to defeat a Hydra and Rankor's bandits with the help of Lydia. Because he did so without arrogance, his execution was stayed (HTLJ "Pride Comes Before a Brawl").

When Salmoneus and Purces stole Hera's treasure in Orestia, the goddess sent Nemesis to kill them for the sin of greed. Nemesis killed Purces, but Hercules convinced her not to kill Salmoneus as he had been led to the treasure and was unaware that it belonged to Hera. She decided the orders of the deities would not rule her life, henceforth, intending to execute only those who deserved it (HTLJ "The Fire Down Below").

Nemesis was rendered mortal by Hera upon her refusal to kill Hercules. After that, Hera created the Enforcer to take Nemesis' place. The Enforcer was sent after Hercules and Nemesis helped him to defeat her. She then told Hercules that, though she was deeply in love with him, she needed some time alone to figure out how to be a mortal (HTLJ "The Enforcer").

By Ares, she is the mother of Evander (HTLJ "Two Men and a Baby").

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a minor goddess, Nemesis could transform into a white dove, render herself invisible, as well as teleport. When exacting vengeance on her mortal targets, she possessed a prescient awareness of outcomes corresponding to her interactions with them. In addition, she had superhuman dexterity, granting her perfect accuracy with a bow. Nemesis revealed to Hercules that when she was in human form she was as vulnerable as a mortal (HTLJ "The Fire Down Below"). However, Nemesis sometimes can be invincible, as Hera sent Stregna with a Hind's Blood arrow to kill her (YH "Herc's Nemesis").

Serving as Hera's archer bolstered Nemesis' skills as a warrior, evidenced by her near-impeccable aim as a mortal (HTLJ "The Enforcer").




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