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The March to Freedom

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The March to Freedom
March freedom 01
Belus leads the settlers
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 1
Antagonist Belus
Original Air-Date March 6, 1995
Written By Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Directed By Harley Cokeliss
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode "Pride Comes Before a Brawl"
Next Episode "The Warrior Princess"
Title Image
March freedom title

Hercules saves a woman from slavery and then must help to free her fiancee from the slavers.


After selling some bags of grain for his mother, Hercules, bids and wins the auction for an asian slave named Oi-lan.

He frees her immediately as was his plan all along, but se is rather cold towards him and Iolaus.
She is very good in martial arts...something her father taught her. Her fiance Cyrus is headed to Libya and is about to get fed to the lions, Hercules tells her he know that path very well, so he accompanies her to Libya, though kind of greatful she still is rather cold towards him, until they realize hey share a lot in common (ex. wihout much of family or love etc.), then she softens up a bit.

However on the other hand, Cyrus is enraged that Hercules 'bought her' and seeks to kill him for that. When he catches up with them, he knocks Hercules over into the canyon with Oi-lan protesting.

When Hercules comes to, he catches Bellus (the slave-trader) once more and frees the slaves. But when Bellus threatens to kill Oi-lan, who else but Hercules's mother, Alcmene, comes to the rescue and 'buys' her.

Alcmene also allow them to have their wedding at her home............which Hercules tells them only lucky people get that kind of offer.

Everything ends happy with once again Hercules 'talking' to Deinara, at her grave.


No disclaimer for this episode.


Background InformationEdit

  • This episode features Lucy Liu in one of her earliest on-screen performances.\
  • This is the first episode to feature people from Chin.
  • Even though this episode aired 8th, it was actually the second episode of the series to be filmed. Iolaus outfit is similar in appearance to "The Wrong Path" his top is blue, whereas in the previous episode it was purple.

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