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The Titans
TheTitans dArc PDVD 438
The Three Titans
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Season 1
Antagonist Hyperion, Hesiod
Setting Greece
Original Air-Date October 30th, 1995
Teleplay By R.J. Stewart
Directed By Eric Brevig
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 007
Order in Season 7
Previous Episode The Reckoning
Next Episode Prometheus
Title Image
TheTitans titlecard
The stage is set for a clash of the Titans, when Gabrielle inadvertently releases three of the giant deities from a centuries-long entombment and one of them proceeds to terrorize a village against the wishes of the other two.


TheTitans 01
Gabrielle chants words from a scroll that frees The Titans
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Xena watches Hesiot and his men walk along, she then tells Gabrielle to watch Argo. Gabrielle asks Argo if hes hungry and she heads off with Argo. While Xena pursues a group of murdering thugs led by Hesiod, Gabrielle stumbles into a cavern where a group of priests are performing a ritual. When she corrects the pronunciation of a young woman who is chanting words from an ancient scroll, the huge rock sculptures of three Titans known as Theia, Crias and Hyperion spring to life from the cavern wall. Thrilled at being liberated, the Titans drop to their knees before Gabrielle, whom they proclaim a great goddess.

TheTitans 02
The Titans meet the humans
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Delighted by the prospect of solving humankind's problems with the help of these amazing servants, Gabrielle sets out with Crias to assist Xena in capturing the evil Hesiod. Though terrified at first by the sight of the Titans, the villagers are reassured when, at Gabrielle's direction, the giants begin fixing the damage from a recent flood. Meanwhile, a skeptical Xena warns her friend that there may have been a very good reason why the Titans were entombed by the gods in the first place.

TheTitans yournogoddess
Hyperion is convinced Gabrielle's no goddess, uses his powers on her.
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Gabrielle soon realizes how naive she's been when Hyperion, now angry and convinced she's no goddess, sends her flying backwards through the air with one powerful breath. Rushing to Gabrielle's aid, Xena narrowly escapes being crushed by driving her sword through the Titan's foot. Hyperion begins destroying the town and only Xena's quick thinking allows the villagers to escape his rage by seeking shelter in a temple sacred to the Titans.

Titans seekingsafehaven
Xena and Gabrielle seek refuge in a temple from the titans.
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Despite the objections of Crias and Theia, Hyperion announces he will kill every human being he sees until Xena is turned over to him, and will make a king of whoever does so. He also plans to capture Gabrielle, whom he needs for a second chant to free hundreds of other Titans from the walls of the cavern. When several anguished parents cry out in fear for their children who are still in the village, Xena sneaks out to rescue them.

TheTitans fightbetweentitans
The Titans fight.
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Phyleus, a handsome young village priest who is smitten by Gabrielle, remains by her side while Xena's cunning prisoner Hesiod -- now tied to a pillar in the temple -- tries to turn the frightened towns people against Xena. Before Hyperion can kill the children, Crias attacks the evil Titan and a terrible battle ensues. As Xena leads the children to the safety of the temple, Hyperion kills Crias and follows her.

TheTitans captured
Xena is captured by Hesiod to be taken to the Titans.
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Upon entering the temple, Xena is captured by the evil schemer Hesiod and a group of villagers who have freed him in their eagerness to appease the Titans. Placing her in a wooden coffin, Hesiod and Rhodos deliver the box to Hyperion, but are themselves killed when the furious Titan opens the coffin and finds that the warrior woman has escaped.

TheTitans inacage
Gabrielle is taken prisoner by the Titans.
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Xena makes her way back to the temple just before the terrified villagers are about to turn Gabrielle and Phyleus over to the Titans, and tells them of Hyperion's plan to destroy humanity by releasing the hundreds of Titans still entombed in the cavern. Finally rallying behind Xena, the townspeople begin constructing a large contraption resembling a giant mousetrap.

TheTitans savegabrielle
Xena tries to rescue Gabrielle and stop the Titans.
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Meanwhile, Phyleus reveals that there is another chant on a scroll beneath the cavern altar which, if said correctly, will turn the Titans back to stone. Gabrielle steals off to the cavern that night but just as she locates the scroll, a cage rigged by Theia drops over her. Hyperion tries to make her recite the second chant but Gabrielle stalls long enough to allow Xena to sneak into the cavern. She lures Hyperion into the path of the villagers' contraption, which hand-cuffs Hyperion's wrist as it snaps shut.

TheTitans backtostone
Gabrielle reads the scroll which turns the Titans back into stone.
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In order to save the Titan she loves, Theia offers Xena the scroll which will turn them back to stone. In a last burst of power, Hyperion smashes the contraption to pieces but before he can get to Xena, she yells out the words of the chant to Gabrielle, who shouts them quickly and correctly, turning the Titans to stone.

TheTitans Endingscene
Xena asks Gabrielle why she risked her life to save everyone.
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Back at the temple, Gabrielle tells Philius the story of how she and Xena stopped the Titans. Gabrielle tells him, he was almost her first. Philius moves to kiss her, but Gabrielle stops him and moves over to Xena. Before leaving the temple, Xena asks Gabrielle why she risked her life by going into that cavern alone. Gabrielle tells her she wanted to make up for what she did. Xena tells her she always has her heart in the right place and everyone makes mistakes. But tells her as they head out of the temple, to never touch her horse again.



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  • Xena does not use her chakram in this episode.

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