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The Twilight of the Gods
Zeus dead
Zeus is the first Deity to die
Also Known As The Twilight
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Type Storyline
Character(s) Involved Xena
The Fates
The Furies
Deaths Zeus
The Furies

The Twilight of the Gods often simply called the Twilight, is the name given to the fall of the Olympian Deities. These events and the destruction of the Olympians paved the way for the One God of Love, the God of Eli. The catalyst of these events is Eve, the daughter of Xena. It is also the main plot of the fifth season of Xena: Warrior Princess.

The TwilightEdit

For many ages, there were whispered prophecies of a time when mankind would no longer need the deities. The deities, particularly the Olympians, removed all mention of these prophecies, but a few particularly knowledgable souls, such as Xena, were aware of them. Others, such as Hercules and Eli, heralded the Twilight by teaching mortals that they could exist without the deities, without being aware or trying to fulfill specific prophecies.

Strictly speaking, the Twilight was not a time when the deities would all die (as most of them understood it to be), but rather a time when humanity would "grow up" and no longer need them spiritually or mentally. In terms of individuals, remarkably few deities were actually killed during the Twilight- the rest endured for a time, eventually fading into myth.


Eve's Conception and BirthEdit

After Xena was resurrected and returned from heaven she learned that she was chosen to be the one to bare the Messenger of the One God. The Fates told to Zeus and Hera that the child will bring the Twilight of the Gods, fearing this the Greek Deities launched a campaign to destroy Xena and her child. Zeus and Hades sent their minions to kill Xena and her unborn child while Hera helped Hercules find the Ribs of Kronos with the hope of furthering the usual mission to make her husband miserable.

Zeus and Hera's Death and the Beginnings of the TwilightEdit

After Xena escaped from the Underworld where she went to find the helmet of invisibility, Hades and his minions stopped their hunting. Zeus gives to Hera the kiss of death for her betrayal to him and went to kill the child. The same time Xena gave birth to Eve Hercules was killing Zeus with the Rib of Kronos. The Twilight had begun. After the child's birth Poseidon, Artemis and Apollo sent their priests (Orcas, Tira and Tazor) to kill the baby. Their magi wounded Joxer and with Gabrielle starts the search for Mandragora tree. They find it and Joxer is healed and Xena destroyed the armies. Xena, Gabrielle and Eve get besieged by Athena in Amphipolis. The siege stops when Xena kills Illainus of Mycinae. Gabrielle has an accident during a fight between Aphrodite and Discord. Xena escapes from Greece to Siberia in safety. After she leaves Siberia for a mission in Egypt after Cleopatra's death. At least they return to Greece.

Twenty-Five Years SleepEdit

The Fates tell Xena she must die in order for her to save her child. Athena, Hades and Hephaestus join to destroy Xena and her child. Xena gives her child to Octavius and kidnaps Celesta to learn about the future. They have the plan to fight the deities and make a fake death to Eve and Gabrielle and a fake suicide to herself. Athena and the others disappear. Ares mourns Xena and buries her and Gabrielle to an ice grave. Twenty-five years later Xena and Gabrielle wake up and learn that Octavius grown up Eve and now she is a ruthless warlord killer with the name Livia, the Bitch of Rome.

Livia, Bitch of RomeEdit

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Eve's ReformationEdit

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Twilight of the GodsEdit

After her reformation, Eve punishes herself by travelling through the desert. Xena and Gabrielle save her from an army of angry Romans. Ares tells the Deities that Livia is Eve. Athena makes a plan involving Gabrielle and the Furies. Eve gets baptized in the sea and her sins are forgiven. Xena is given the Power to Kill Deities. Hades, Hephaestus, Discord, Demios, Artemis and Poseidon arrive for battle. Hades throws a fireball at Xena, who deflects it into Poseidon, causing his (fatal) evaporation. Discord attacks and Xena chops her head completely off her shoulders. Hephaestus throws his hammer at Xena, who deflects it back at him with the Chakram and it plunges into Hephaestus's chest, killing him. Olympus shakes and Aphrodite's heart breaks. At least Eve gets wounded by a Fury-possessed Gabrielle. Another battle begins. Hades tries to kill Eve and Xena sets him on fire, burning him to death. Artemis shoots arrows at Xena. Deimos throws a fireball and Xena deflects, it causing a cart to explode and fall on him, killing him. Aphrodite brings Xena and the other two to Olympus. Aphrodite leaves and Xena captures Ares. Xena tries to deal with her but she refuses. Artemis shoots Xena with more arrows. Xena throws her arrows back at her: they plunge into her, killing the goddess. Athena battles with Xena. Eve dies. Ares revives her and Gabrielle by giving up his immortality and godhood. Xena stabs Athena and she dies. The Twilight is over. After these 7 deaths the Furies decide to rule Mankind themselves. They make Ares mad so he will take the Ambrosia from the Amazons and die as a mortal in battle. Ares and Xena battle. Xena throws her Chakram before drowning in the icy lake. Then the Chakram returns and kills the recently emerged Furies.

Killed in the TwilightEdit

Most of those killed in the Twilight were slain by Xena, using the power to kill deities granted to her by Eli. The king and queen of Olympus fell through other means, in the struggle to prevent Twilight.

  • Hera, goddess of womankind and chief goddess, presumably destroyed by Zeus for helping Hercules: her ultimate fate is unclear, but is never heard from again. ("God Fearing Child")
  • Zeus, god of thunder and chief god, killed by Hercules, using the "Rib of Kronos." ("God Fearing Child")
  • Poseidon, god of the sea, hit by Hades' fire-bolt that was deflected by Xena which caused him to evaporate. ("Motherhood")
  • Discord, goddess of chaos, beheaded by Xena. ("Motherhood")
  • Hephaestus, god of arts and crafts, hit by his own hammer, thrown by Xena. ("Motherhood")
  • Hades, god of the underworld and lord of the dead, set on fire by Xena, using her trademark 'fire-breathing technique'. ("Motherhood")
  • Demios, god of terror, cart fell on him, caused by Xena's Chakram. ("Motherhood")
  • Artemis, goddess of the amazons and moon, hit with two of her own arrows, thrown by Xena. ("Motherhood")
  • Athena, goddess of wisdom, warfare and weaving, stabbed by Xena. ("Motherhood")
  • Alecto, fury of wrath; Megaera, fury of jealousy; and Tisiphone, fury of murder, hit by Xena's Chakram, causing them to explode. ("Coming Home")

Survivors of TwilightEdit

Only Deities seen or mentioned in the Xenaverse are listed, not all of those from mythology: Aphrodite, Celesta and Ares were probably spared by the Light's design because they control aspects of the cosmos that are fundamental to human existence.

  • Apollo, God of Light, Music and Herds. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty. Helped Xena reach the peak of Mount Olympus and later lost her goddesshood. Xena later restored her powers.
  • Ares, God of War - Although he was spared by Xena, he gave up his Godhood to revive Eve and Gabrielle. Xena later restored his powers.
  • Bliss, Son of Cupid and Psyche. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Celesta, Goddess of Death - Captured by Xena, in order to collect her tears and begin the chain of events that would later set off the Twilight. Xena did not harm her during the incident.
  • Cupid, God of Love. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • The Fates - They were not in the battle with Xena, although it was them that told Xena how to start the Twilight. They may have been killed when Gabrielle destroyed their loom.
  • The Furies - Under the order of Athena, they tried to manipulate Gabrielle into killing Eve but they weren't around during the battles. They were killed in the episode Coming Home by Xena's chakram, when they tried to manipulate Ares into killing Xena for revenging the death of the Olympians.
  • Fatuus, the God of Prophecy. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Fortune, Goddess of Fortune. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Hecate, the Goddess of magic, the occult and the paranormal. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Hercules, the son and killer of Zeus, was Xena's friend and refused to fight for the deities.
  • Hermes, Messenger of the Gods and the God of Commerce, Thieves, Travelers and Sports. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and Domesticity. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Lachrymose, God of Despair. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Momus, the God of satire, mockery, criticism and censure. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Morpheus, the God of Sleep and Dreams. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Proteus, the God of Shapeshifting. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Psyche, Goddess of Soul and Wife of Cupid. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Stregna, Goddess of Vengeance (appeared in Young Hercules). Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Triton - Ruler of the seas. Never faced Xena in battle.
  • Themis, the Goddess of Justice. Never faced Xena in battle.

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